Sign Printing, Poster Printing, and Banner Printing for Your Business Needs

Signs, posters, and banners are inexpensive means to promote your product, service, event, company, or organization for walk-in traffic as well as passerby driving along. By choosing the right printing service for your signs, posters, banners, and other marketing materials, your message can be effectively conveyed to your target audience.

Commuters and passersby driving or walking will only spend a few seconds to pass by your location and glance through your ads. So make sure that your message stands out and make them noteworthy for the potential customer to extend more time viewing the advertisement and entice them to eventually drop by.


How to Make Sign Printing More Effective

So how do you make sign printing more effective? Here are two important elements:

  • Message. Brief yet catchy lines are more noticeable than lengthy yet empty list of words. Thus, your message should be written in this manner. You can come up with your public commercial ready message by drafting and even brainstorming with employees in the assigned department or anyone else feeling creative for this purpose. You can even involve customers through a suggestion box or even a contest.
  • Materials. Digital, modern, state of the art, high quality, durable, fade resistant, weather resistant, long lasting, and aesthetically appealing materials should be used when printing your ad or message. You can actually communicate with your printing company when specifying which materials to use.

Speaking of materials, one suggested item should be corrugated plastic. This material is light weight yet tough, bright looking, durable, long lasting, and weather resistant. It can be displayed during virtually all types of weather conditions (even adverse ones) so they can remain outside and continue marketing your product, service, or event anytime of the year. For practical reasons, however, it’s best to store these inside during extreme cases.

Corrugated plastic often measures 3/16″ and 4mm thick in dimension. They can also normally cut to 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″ in single or double sided format but can be stretched to as large as 48″ x 96″ which is perfect for long term use.

Other materials to consider for printing purposes include styrene plastic, Sintra, Foamcore, Ultraboard, aluminum, banner, and any other rigid or semi-rigid materials. 

Poster Printing

The best equipment to use for poster printing is the Scitex FB 500 large format flatbed printer. While other printers are only effective when printing through soft materials, this state of the art technology can literally print on any type of material whether rigid or flexible yet still maintain good ink adhesion. You can vouch for one of the best and the brightest graphics with true colors there is in the market today through a print quality of 1200 x 600 dpi. In graphics, the higher the dpi, the better the image quality.

Some of the materials which can be used are listed in the previous section above. You may also use durable poster paper for short term usage. The latter provides an affordable alternative to costlier materials since they are intended to be used only for a limited period of time. For long term use, the list of materials above is recommended although styrene plastic is the most ideal for posters. They can be reused and will last for an extended period of time.

Styrene plastic is similar to a thick poster paper but is made of plastic and is available in various measurements including .030″, .040″ and .060″ although the first size is more widely used and is perfect for single sided posters. The latter two on the other hand are applicable for double sided posters and for graphics which require greater rigidity such as those which are intended to be displayed on windows and areas where you don’t want the light to pass through and make the poster unreadable.

A variant of this material which is labeled as the high impact styrene plastic is made to last even longer than the common variety. It is waterproof and will not buckle nor be ripped like paper. It can be used not only for posters but for other items as well including hanging signs, floor stands, and outdoor signs.

For more effective poster printing, take note of the following tips:

  • keep the design simple
  • the overall layout should be colourful and attractive
  • use high quality graphics and materials for printing
  • include important message such as contact details


Banner Printing

Banner printing serves various purposes including outdoor banners with hems and grommets, retractable banners for mobile events and for easy storage, pole banners for your parking area, and step or repeat banners for trade shows or other events. Custom made banners also use varying materials. Some of which include glossy or matte vinyl in 13 oz as well as durable block out materials for double sided banners. Banners are also further personalized by trimming, taping, hemming, and adding grommets and/or pole pockets.

To make your banners more effective, you may also refer to the same guidelines listed above under sign printing and poster printing. In general, the effectiveness of any banner, poster, or sign is dependent on the material used and the message being conveyed.

Next Level Custom Signs

At Next Level Custom Signs, fully customizable full color custom sign printing for outdoor marketing and advertisement is available. State of the art printers and fade-resistant UV inks are utilized for printing. Specifically, we print on corrugated plastic or aluminum for outdoor signs, vinyl banner material for all types of banners including step, repeat, and pole banners, and lastly, styrene plastic for posters which are intended for long term use.  We also offer durable poster paper for short term use. Custom wall decals and trade show graphics are also our specialty.

Above all, Next Level Custom Signs assures that your signs, posters, as well as banners are made from full color, high quality materials that will remain appealing and guaranteed to last for years by using the state of the art Scitex FB 500 large format flatbed printer. For more information, visit Sign Printing.

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