How Banner Stands Benefit Your Business

Banner stands can be any business’ best friend due to various benefits it offers for your marketing, advertising, promotion, and information needs.

Some features available in banner stands that are beneficial to your shop, store, or office include the following:

  1. Lightweight. Unlike other types of outdoor or even indoor display stands, banner stands are lightweight and can be easily carried by your employees with the most humble form. They are also a favorite for those engaged in regular events needed banners such as workshops and trade shows.
  2. Economic. This type of stand is also more affordable as compared with other display stand varieties. Even small businesses, professional offices or shops, and startups will not find it economically burdensome to spend funds for this purpose. In fact, you can purchase a banner stand with less than $100.
  3. Easy to Setup. Even the most inexperienced person can effortlessly setup banner stand parts. A technical background isn’t necessary unlike other products which will require the assistance of someone knowledgeable in assembling parts.
  4. Portable. Portability is also one feature which makes banner displaying stands stand out. They can be easily carried away and kept for storage. The banner is removed while the stand is folded. This makes them applicable not only for business establishments but also for trade shows, conferences, seminars, and mobile gatherings.
  5. Applicable for Various Situations. In relation to the previous feature, as mentioned, banner stands are applicable for various situations and purposes where they will be a need to display or communicate specific messages such as ads, promos, business information, directions, trade show exhibits, conference itineraries, workshop or seminar materials, and so on.
  6. Space Saver. You don’t have to worry about minimal space available to display your ad or message because banner display stands doesn’t take up too much space. They can be strategically placed just outside your business even in limited spaces such as sidewalks and right beside entrance doors.

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Banner Stand Types

Banner stands come in various sizes and shapes but some of the most commonly used varieties include retractable banner stands and roll up banner stands, both of which will be discussed below.

How to Make the Most out of Banner Stands

But before we talk about the banner stand types, here’s a short note on how to make the most out of stands:

To make the most out of banner stands, the actual banner display itself must be printed from high quality materials. It should be made from polyester or vinyl fabric in order to make them extremely resilient. Although these are more expensive, they maximize the use of banners for business and will definitely help you regain a return of investment. Cheaper models normally use dye-sub or laminated graphics but are often very susceptible to edge curling and tear. The better variety is weather and tear resistant, resists edge curling, and is easy to clean.  

Retractable Banner Stands 

As mentioned earlier, we will discuss retractable banner stands in this section. To start with, what is this type of banner stand? From the name itself, retractable banner stands can be retracted from the base, enabling you to change the ad or graphics to be displayed whenever a new message is needed to be conveyed. Since the banner is removable from the base, it also becomes easier to move the item to and from your business during opening and closing.

Most retractable stands also come in easy to assemble parts that you can disengage and band together once needed. The parts can be carried onto a luggage for transport purposes. This is the reason why retractable banners are ideal for trade shows, conferences, and other mobile events. The materials needed for the events fit even a hand carried bag or a pick up van or any four-wheeled automobile’s trunk and transported through various locations where the event takes place.

For an office, shop, or store on the other hand, retractable banners make it easier to showcase a product or service and convey any message pertaining to the business. The banners are retractable and interchangeable for an immediate change of ad or note. Since the graphic section is removable from its base, anyone can carry it with ease so there’s no need for several employees to move the stand inside and outside the shop or office. Even a single employee with a humble physical built can effortlessly perform the task of setting up and storing away the banner stand whenever needed.

Roll up Banner Stands

Retractable stands are also called roll up banner stands due to the physical structure. The banners can be easily rolled up and down in order to accommodate switching of graphic printed messages or advertisements. The stands on the other hand can be effortlessly transported from one location to another whether it is inside and outside the vicinity of a business or throughout cities during special events such as trade shows and seminars.

Rollup or retractable stands are also considered the most affordable as compared with other types of stands manufactured for a similar purpose. Even startup or SME’s (small and medium enterprise) can allot a budget for one or more of these stands which will serve as an advertisement or marketing portal to attract a traffic of potential customers from those merely driving or walking by your shop, store, or office.

The banners can display any message you wish to express including promoting a product or service and information related to the business such as hours of operation, menu, contact details, directions, and so on.

Next Level Custom Signs Banner Stands

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