Why Poster Frames are Popular for Business

Did you know that poster frames can be effective for your business? Yes, any type of business can benefit from this marketing material the way movie and music star posters are popularly used.

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Pros of Poster Frames

Some of the popular reasons why poster frames are beneficial to your business include the following:

  1. Displays important information. These include contact details, parking instructions, announcements, items on sale or discounted prices, and product or service promotion, company visions, mission statements, organization policies, and so much more.
  2. Economical. It’s more affordable compared with other plastic and sign products.
  3. Space saver. The standard size of 24” x 36” takes up very minimal space and can be displayed anywhere whether inside or outside the business. Larger frames can display not only posters but banners as well and isn’t flapping against the wind. There are also posters which can be attached to vehicles for mobile marketing, literally speaking.
  4. Various types and styles are available for you to choose from. Other than the standard size, additional options include materials made from plastic, aluminum, top or side loading style, and snap frames. There are also hanging frames as well as items specifically made for vehicles.
  5. Can be customized and personalized according to preferences or needs. You can have it tailored suited to accommodate special sized graphics. They can be built specifically around the poster area no matter how small or large it is. Even frame rail widths and graphic insert area (as thin as 1/2”) vary to get that perfect look.

24″ x 36″ Poster Frames


The standard 24″ x 36″ poster frames was mentioned earlier. Literally, these measure 24” in width and 36” inches in height, hence, the name. It’s the most popular among all other sizes because it can easily fit even minimal spaces outside or inside a business premise.

More Benefits of Poster Frames

Other than the important pros mentioned earlier, other benefits of poster frames include the following:

  • Neat. Unlike ads painted on the wall, posters look neater.
  • Professional-looking. Make sure to accompany the frame with a graphic that is printed on glossy paper for aesthetic reasons.
  • Fresh message. You can easily change the message by replacing the graphics inside the frame. This makes it perfect for seasonal advertisements, food or drinks menu that regularly vary, periodic sales or discounts, deals, contact details, and more.
  • Easy to assemble. Even the most humble staff can effortlessly take care of the frame without the need for additional personnel or an expert’s assistance.
  • Sturdy material. You can vouch for the frames durable built. Some can even withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Ideal for all types of business and purpose. Businesses include but are not limited to restaurants, stores, shops, offices, lobbies, showrooms, and more. These are intended for marketing and promotional purposes to generate more revenue. But even non-business related reasons are welcome such as those who are merely collecting movie posters as a hobby or for recreation.

Custom Poster Frames

custom frames

Custom poster frames are ideal for those who would like to customize and personalize their posters and frames for decorative purposes, personal preferences, or to suit their business’ needs. It’s also ideal for shops, stores, and offices with minimal space available. A custom fit frame can accurately fit the allotted space, no matter how limited it is.

You may also mix and match poster frames with other types of display products such as floor stands. Inside a business interior, frames particularly the standard 24″ x 36″ is often utilized by restaurants when displaying a menu of dishes served. The frame is then accompanied by a floor stand to display the actual menu items or at least a representation thereof and is situated by the door in order to welcome diners with what’s in stored inside.

Plastic vs. Aluminum

As for materials, menus can be printed on either plastic or aluminum. For plastic, the corrugated variety is preferable since it’s durable, lasts long, and yet very affordable so you can replace it as often as needed. Aluminum on the other hand is ideal for displaying posters outside because they are tougher than plastic and can withstand changing weather conditions including sunlight, rain, and even snow.

More Options

More quick and inexpensive ways to promote products and services outdoors include snap frames, small frames, and large frames. Snap frames can serve as a sign box. Small frames on the other hand are used to rotate ads. Lastly, large frames can hold a large banner on the wall.

Overall, poster frames are the perfect solution for your marketing or advertising needs on a tight budget due to its affordability, durability, and professional look.

Next Level Custom Signs Poster Frames

Next Level Custom Signs has been a nationwide leader for sign display and sign printing since 2001. We design and print durable, high quality, professional-looking and cost effective poster frames that will effectively convey your message and eventually potentially increase your profits.

We offer frames of all sizes and styles using high quality materials such as corrugated plastic and anodized aluminum. Every frame cut passes through quality control to ensure that it maintains the highest standards possible. Even frame corners are aligned properly and finished with aesthetic detail and appeal in mind. You can also request for an optional clear plastic overlay to protect the printed graphic from being damaged.

Next Level Custom Signs is a one stop shop for your entire graphic and sign printing needs. Our graphic designers will assist you from start to finish including designing graphics to print on durable and high quality glossy paper, styrene plastic, or corrugated plastic. The latter is intended for outdoor use.

If you’re not sure which frame to choose, call us at 888.578.8100 and we’ll be glad to assist. We also offer discounts for quantity orders. You may browse through the entire collection when you click this link – Poster Frames.

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