What Shape & Size Of Banner Do I Need?

What Shape & Size Of Banner Do I Need?

What Shape & Size Of Banner Do I Need?

What sets you apart from your competition?

Your products, customer service, and reputation all play a role in the success of your company. But to a potential new customer at a trade show, none of that matters because they might not know who you are. Capturing their attention and presenting yourself as an authority and trusted source is a top priority. And with great banners, you can accomplish this.

They’re the first thing people see as they pass by, and they’re your first opportunity to make a connection and grow your business. By choosing the right shape and size of banners for your business, you can capitalize on the power banner can provide.

Display Banner Size Guide

While there is no definitive answer on what makes a display banner attract and convert, there are some general guidelines you should follow.

  • Be mindful of your color choice. The goal is to attract subtly, not audaciously. Use colors that are a strong representation of your brand and avoid the overly loud colors that are used merely to grab attention. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the banner, the sharper the colors.
  • Font matters. Don’t use a font because it looks creative or unique. Make it plain and easy to read and more importantly, easy to remember. And the bigger your banner is, the more clear your font has to be. Shoot for well-recognized fonts to avoid confusion.
  • Use professional images. Think pixelated images will still work? Think again. Pixelated images can signal that not only is your sign low-quality but that your business is perceived that way as well. And the bigger the banner is, the worse the pixelation will be. Professional images, professional business.

Professional Custom Banner Printing

Next Level Custom Signs is a full-service print shop, equipped with in-house graphic designers standing by to help with your custom graphics from start to finish. We have many types of printers to deliver the highest quality most durable custom graphics on the market.

If you’re looking for professional custom banners along with your displays, let us help. We can help you with your new promotion so you can watch your sales and visibility increase.

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