Varieties of Outdoor Signs and Considerations to Make Them More Effective

All types of businesses can definitely benefit from advertisement available through outdoor signs. Although indoor panels are quite easier to install, there are only limited areas where they can be attached or are applicable for. Marketing and advertising opportunities right outside the shop or store on the other hand is readily available through banners, billboards, and outdoor signs.

In relation to this, how can you make outdoor ads more effective? We offer a few suggestions below.

Outdoor Signs Considerations

Some considerations for outdoor signs include the following:

  • Purpose. Most signage placed at storefronts is meant for visibility and branding. These simply introduce customers to the business and what it’s all about. Window displays feature what products or services are available. Stands located at parking lots may simply offer directional help which will usher clients to the shop or store.
  • Target Market. The message displayed varies depending on the target market. For example, entertainment venues often utilize glitz and glam to attract people towards shows and events. Service providers on the other hand will benefit from digital displays showcasing what they offer.
  • Visibility. I’m talking about literal visibility which affects how potential clients view signage. Instances where there is limited natural sunlight lighting may render the signs useless when not visible enough such as at night, sunset, or during a cloudy or an overcast day. In relation to this, make sure that the sign is well lit through lighting overhead or below as well as back lights which are normally present with digital signs. But other than weather and natural disturbances, the presence of other obstructions such as parked cars, canopies, and so on may also affect the visibility of outdoor signs. Thus, you have to make sure that the ad stand is placed where passersby can easily view them in order to attract walk-in traffic.

Other than the considerations above, it also pays to be digital. There are newer outdoor signs which are interactive and are displayed through monitors, kiosks, and even mobile devices.

A-Frame Signs and Other Varieties

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Outdoor signs are distinguished based on their physical attributes. Some common varieties include the following:

  • A-Frame Signs – as the name suggests, these resemble the letter “A” with the poster or printed material slid through a special opening on the sides. Most A-frames feature one side for display while the opposite side simply serves as a stand although some A-frames provide dual display where both sides can accommodate posters or printed advertisements.  A-frames appear to be the most popularly used among various outdoor signs versions.
  • Snap Frame – these are the classic with a snap on stand and display
  • Swinger Sign – the display swings along with the frame when you move it
  • Flex Frame – they are flexible and sway with the wind’s movement so they aren’t easily blown over. Most of which are often foldable too for effortless storage.
  • Hanging Sign – the ad is displayed by merely hanging it onto the frame. The only problem with this variety is that the display eventually tear off the frame in time, especially when the ad is in printed form. In relation to that, you can at least use two durable plastic covering the material so it’s not hanging but is merely slid in between the back to back plastic protection.
  • Curved Sign – it’s literally physically curved so you can easily view the message being communicated
  • Banner Stand – one variant is the Rise and Roll where you simply roll up the sign when not in use and roll down to display the ad and another is a retractable banner stand with either a single or double sign. It’s almost similar to the hanging sign.
  • Pole Signs – naturally, they resemble a poll with an ad attached to it

Although most frames are made for posters and printed ads, there are also frames which are either digital or old school (colored chalk) in style. All frames are normally manufactured through steel, aluminum, wood and plastic materials. They also vary in size and color.

Portable Signs

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There are also special types of outdoor stands which are called portable signs. As the name denotes, these are signs which are very portable as compared to the frame variants listed above. Some of the characteristics which make them different include flexibility and a rolling design. They easily flex and sway with the wind, making them sturdier and prevent them from falling even during a windy day. Most also feature a tilt and roll base where you can effortlessly remove the display by tilting and then rolling the base to keep the item away afterwards. The base is wheeled like a luggage bag so you can roll them back to your store or shop during closing hours.

Among all types of custom signs, portable ones are the easiest to manage. If you can imagine the trouble of manually carrying signs and stands to and from the store during opening and closing, then you get the idea. This is where portable signs are most beneficial. You don’t have to go through the difficulty of moving the signs on your own or with the help of one or more coworkers when displaying it outside the business and storing it back inside when the business closes.

With portable signs, it’s easier to invite potential customers through walk in traffic. Simply tilt the display to remove it from the stand and roll the base for easier transport to and from the store, shop, or office. Once strategically positioned outside, just slid the display back in place at the base.

What makes these types of signs even more remarkable is their ability to flex when the wind blows. It’s a hassle to pick up fallen signs from time to time during windy days, not to mention how it distracts you from more important work tasks. But you won’t have to worry about this with portable signs. They remain standing and simply swaying when the wind blows.

Next Level Custom Signs

Regardless of the type of outdoor signs to use, you can take advantage of high quality frames made by dependable manufacturers as well as effective printed materials which clearly conveys your message with purpose, target market, and visibility in mind. These features are available through Next Level Custom Signs.

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