Top 5 Ways Custom Outdoor Signs Help Increase Your Business


Be it prime location or decor, American retail businesses annually invest billions to build a brand and generate interest. There are plenty of available methods that apply to different markets from mobile apps to mail-order catalogs. However, the difference between a potential customer and fulfilled customer often relies on one crucial aspect – noticing a given service location or store. Custom outdoor signs are an old standby for ensuring that and more, and for good reason too.

Here are our top five ways they amplify a business’s outreach and popularity and pull customers into your location.

1. Real-time Curb and Roadside Attention

For all the information contained in the smart-phones in the palm of their hands, locals and visitors more often explore and mill around than pre-plan every waking moment of their lives. A custom outdoor sign announces your business’s presence to general passersby, not to mention signs generate interest to those shopping around, since foot traffic is still a major aspect of shopping.

OS-MB1201-2T 2. Competitive Edge

From mini-malls and boardwalks to those driving by, custom outdoor signs are popular for one simple reason: Pedestrians and roadside traffic alike rely on signs to navigate their immediate options. Those not aware of a business’s presence will visit an alternative shop, and most likely a competitor at that. Eye-catching custom signs are often a customer’s first impression and help businesses differentiate themselves as well as showcase unique benefits.

3. Locational Memorability

Right along with attention, the right sign also serves as a potential landmark for customers within the area. If only because the former helps characterize a given locale. Repeat customers will more likely return and curious browsers will more likely make a mental note to investigate.


4. Brand Establishment and Definition

Custom outdoor signs inform customers, but the best ones attract a business’s target market. Font, icons, humor, and other representational facets help passersby not only know that a business exists, but infer what to expect. Customization of signs play a vital role, both to highlight personality as well as what’s offered and for whom.

5. Implied Steadiness and Legitimacy

New businesses using custom outdoor signs often helps legitimize a business and emphasizes longevity and establishment to customers, colleagues, and competitors alike. Furthermore, projecting success and uniqueness inspires confidence in service and product.


Quality Matters Just As Much As Customization

Businesses with a distinct sign call necessary attention to themselves, but quality designs matter. It helps entice customers while teasing their expectations, not playing with them. A sign’s colors, text, and informative print should be eye-catching, easy to read and enhance a business’s brand. And of course, solid construction matters too. A-frames, metal frames, wind signs are great to use with your custom printed signs, and offer a cost effective way to display and change out graphics. Don’t forget that custom outdoor signs in disrepair or requiring constant maintenance often drives away foot traffic, no matter how excellent its message or enticing its imagery.

You can check out hundreds of customizable outdoor sign options here.