Top 4 Outdoor Signs for Stopping Customers in Their Tracks

With the weather warming up as we approach summer, it’s as important as every to make sure your business is catching the attention of that increased foot traffic as customers head outdoors. We’ve all seen them – costumed mascots jumping around on the curbside holding promotional wobble boards while promoting the deal of the day. The good news is there are actually cheaper, more professional and less embarrassing ways to draw customers in from the street, and that’s with outdoor signs such as sandwich boards and feather banners. If you have a street level shop front that relies on foot traffic for daily business, consider one or more of these Top 4 Outdoor Signs for increasing your curbside appeal and pulling that foot traffic into your business:

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs such as sandwich boards are the most common form of street advertising. Not only are they inexpensive, but the versatility of most sidewalk  sign styles also means they can be used indoors and out in all weather conditions. Options include exterior wet marker boards for quick-change messages that differ at varying hours of the day (such as meal/drink options), lightweight plastic frame signs that can be easily transported and lifted from vehicles for regular outdoor market stalls or real estate open houses, and chalkboard A-frames for more personalized, hand written messages (perfect for coffee shops, bookstores and gift ware boutiques).



Springer Sidewalk Sign

Wind Signs

There’s nothing more distracting than having to run outside throughout the day to rescue your sign from being blown away – or worse – being blown onto customers who just happen to be passing by. Wind Signs including the Windmaster Signs are specifically designed to withstand harsh wind and move with it, rather than against it, thanks to heavy-duty springs and wheeled bases. The base can also be filled with sand or water for added weight. If you’re a beach side vendor, the WindMaster Sign is for you!

Windmaster Outdoor Curb Sign

Feather Banners

The only thing that might attract customers more than a professionally designed, aesthetically luring outdoor sign, is one that moves! Feather Banners offer an eye-catching outdoor signage solution with double or single-sided printing options set around a pole that is inserted into the ground using a spike. Feather Banners are ideal for outdoor use at fairs, sporting events and market stalls, but can also be used indoors on hard surfaces by purchasing an indoor cross base with water weight bag, auger base or drive over base; virtually indestructible, inexpensive additions to your streetside marketing materials.

Feather Flags

Swooper Signs 

If you really want to stand out above the competition, Swooper Signs will put you there! At over 15 feet high, these durable business signage solutions are made from super polyester knit material and set on a pole and base of heavy-duty anodized aluminium, so there’ll be no chasing it down the street. Customers purchase the Swooper Signs for a variety of business needs and offer ready-made messaging options including grand openings, open days, car washes, clearance sales and opening times.

SF_OSF-Sale-2T (1)


If you’re a new business entering the trade game and want to maximize your curbside exposure, a combination of outdoor signs will help establish top of mind awareness and create exposure for your products and services. If you’re an established business looking for an affordable promotional investment to pull you through the quieter winter months, you’ll also benefit from the range of customized outdoor signs available today to give you a street level advantage over competitors. If you could convert more foot traffic with mobile, versatile and reasonably priced street signage, wouldn’t you?