The 2 Rules for Outdoor Sign Boards You Must Follow!

The 2 Rules for Outdoor Sign Boards You Must Follow!

The 2 Rules for Outdoor Sign Boards You Must Follow!

In today’s day and age, everything seems to be digital. Digital ads, digital marketing, digital storefronts. And while they have changed the way we do business, it doesn’t mean that tried-and-true marketing tactics like signs and graphics have gone extinct.

In fact, according to a survey done by FedEx Office, more than half of small business owners find signs to be effective in attracting new customers. And Best Buy discovered that about 17 percent of its customers stopped into the store only after seeing their sign.

Now, before you place your order and get your sign set up, there are two crucial design principles business owners need to keep in mind when designing outdoor sign boards.

Why Contrast Matters

The first of the two important design rules is to focus on contrast. A sign’s contrast will have a direct impact on its readability and therefore, its effectiveness. A few key points to follow include:

  • Avoid pairing similar colors. It can decrease readability.
  • Consider pairing a weak color contrast with an outline or drop shadow around the foreground lettering to strengthen it.
  • Adding a border around the text or graphic increases reading speed.

Contrast is crucial for readability and should not be overlooked.

Bigger is Actually Better

When it comes to outdoor signs, size does matter. The larger the letters, the easier it is to read. When determining the size, consider where and how your potential customers are reading the sign. Are they walking by? Driving by? Seeing it from a distance? All of these factors play into your decision.

As a good rule of thumb, shoot for 10 feet per inch of letter height; the further away the viewer, the bigger the letters should be. While bigger is better, be wary of certain fonts as some can actually make it difficult to read over long distances.

Outdoor Sign Boards can still be a very effective part of your marketing as long as you use them correctly.

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