Swooper Flags: Let Nature Help Your Business Advertising Needs

Whether your business is located indoors, outdoors, mobile or on the go, allow nature to help your business advertising needs through swooper flags. Also called feather flags, flutter flags, bow flags, blade flags, banner flags, beach flags, and so on, these are marketing and promotional materials which resemble banners but move about like flags. Hence, nature through the wind makes it sway to and fro in a beautiful movement while conveying your message across static and dynamic incoming traffic of potential customers.

In this article, we will discuss swooper flags and its variants including feather banner flags and flutter bags. You will also learn how it benefits any type of business and how you can make the most out of using one. Read on.

Feather Banner Flags

Feather banner flags find its name in the definition above. Their purpose can be comparable to banners yet they move about like flags. Moving along with the breezy wind, these dynamic and unique banners can easily attract attention unlike static banners. They are also very simple yet colorful, making them more interesting for possible clients. These flags can be installed inside or outside business locations or on mobile events such as trade shows, concerts, sports games, workshops, seminars, meetings, and so on. Speaking of events, sponsors can also promote their products and services using feather banner flags. Even upcoming tournaments, concerts, sports games, and other festivities can be announced through this type of marketing.

Feather flags can hold one or more flag banners in a single stand. These are also available in various sizes that will specifically fit available space where they are to be displayed. You can further customize and personalize the flag banners in terms of color, message content, and overall design to make the item more eye catching. You can personally create the latter or hire a graphic designer for this purpose. In some cases, the banner printing company also offers designing so you won’t have to hire a separate third party service when creating the design. Speaking of customization, some flags are customized to fit whatever medium they are intended for use such as to be supported by car tires.

swooper flags

Swooper Flags

Regardless of how they are called, be it banner flags, feather flags, blade flags, beach flags, and so on, swooper flags are the same tall and colorful flags used for advertisement purposes. What makes them different from each other are their sizes and shapes. Swooper flags often measure 30” wide and 11 ½ feet tall with a pole pocket that ends about 8-10 inches from the upper right hand corner. This leaves a flap at the top, making the flag move about with the wind.

Swooper flags save your business advertising costs because they are more affordable as compared with other types of banner flags. These are also easily setup that even a single employee can be able to install them in no time without the need to hire extra help. Swooper flags are also versatile and can be replaced with ease so you can regularly or periodically update your advertising message whenever there is a need to do so.

When placed outside, this marketing product can attract customers’ attention such as those driving by or walking past the area. It may also announce a special event, program, and even send invitations for a sale or discount day. Above all, it makes it easier to locate an otherwise hard to find specialty store, especially when it’s located in an upper floor of a building, squeezed in between other business addresses, or inside a compound.

In case you’re interested to setup a swooper flag outside, make sure to confer with authorities first for local laws or else you can be fined for violating ordinances. Some places ban the use of these flags although a majority of which allow them provided that certain regulations are followed. Some of such rules include never install too many flags and don’t leave them hanging tattered in the wind. These are also an eyesore anyway and may even turn off potential customers due to their unappealing look.

Flutter Flags

Feather or flutter flags are literally making waves as a form of advertisement. Unlike traditional flags which normally blend in with the background, feather flags stand out, making them more noticeable and visible for passersby walking and driving along the business.

Other than the attractive and eye catching look, flutter flags are also adaptive to varying weather conditions, particularly wind. Traditional flags are often flapping helplessly against the merciless wind, thereby, rendering the flags useless when damaged or destroyed. Feather flags adapt to the wind’s movement similar to riding instead of resisting waves when surfing. This is due to the mechanism by which the banner is attached to the pole. It’s connected vertically so instead of flapping, the wind only causes the flag to flutter, hence, the name.

Like feather banner flags and swooper flags, flutter flags are comprised of lightweight materials with the pole or frame normally made from aluminum. These makes it easier to transport the flags for events, trade shows, workshops, seminars, meetings, and any other mobile business purposes.

Poles often measure 12 feet in height but can be extended to as high as 24 feet. The flag on the other hand usually measures 8 feet or even longer. Taller poles and lengthier flags make the advertisement more visible even from miles away. Smaller ones on the other hand are normally utilized to entice walk in or driving by traffic towards a local business.

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