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Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs are a big factor for businesses.  Things to consider when choosing your outdoor signage are things like exposure, space, size and budget. While there are many types of outside signs to choose from, you want to consider where you get the most exposure.  For example, if you are looking to grab the attention of people driving past your location, roadside signs such as feather flags and large roadside curb signs work best.  for parking lots, plastic a-frames and wind signs are the perfect size for curbs and medians.  Looking to grab the attention of people walking by? Smaller a-frame outdoor signs take up less sidewalk space, but are still large enough to get your message out and be seen.

Outdoor Signage

Three things to consider when shopping for Outdoor Signage:

1: Exposure – Figure out where your sign will be most visible and make sure the sign is large enough that people can see your message. You only have a few seconds to gain a potential customer’s attention.  make sure your sign is large enough to be seen, and simple and clear enough that potential customers can read it in a split second.

2: Size and Space – consider the space you want to put your sign at.  Feather flags are great for streetside signage because they take up minimal space, are tall, and the continuous motion is sure to grab attention. Other outdoor signage good for curb sides are A-Frames and Wind Signs because they are tall, wide, and have a large graphic area that is easily seen driving past. Looking to appeal to those walking by?  Try a smaller A-frame like the Simpo II.  There is still a large graphic area, but the footprint is smaller and will take up less space in front of your storefront.

3. Budget – How much do you want to spend? make sure you purchase the right kind of outdoor signs that will work for your business. You may save a buck by buying a smaller sign in the beginning, but if it is too small to read from where you put it, the sign isn’t going to work.  Consider your signs an investment, and make sure your spend your money on something that works for you. Many of the outdoor signs we carry have interchangeable graphic panels for easy and inexpensive graphic changes.

Outside Signs

Next Level Custom Signs would like to thank Distinctive Salon for their recent purchase of outdoor signs. Distinctive Salon made a great choice in their outdoor signage by purchasing a feather flag for street traffic, a WindMaster for shoppers already in the parking areas, and then a Simpo Ii A-Frame with Custom graphics for shoppers walking past their storefront.  By posting signs in all visible areas, they have really gained a ton of exposure for their company!

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