How to Create Curb Appeal for Your Business

How to Create Curb Appeal for Your Business

What’s better for your business– an aluminum sign or plastic sign? Metal sign or marquee sign? With outdoor signs, you’ll usually have 10+ options to choose from. But which is right for your business?

One size doesn’t fit all but being aware of the different types of outdoor signs can help make the decision easier. And while several types can work for your business, make sure you review all your options before committing to a type.

Here’s why:

Signs can have a major impact on whether customers actually enter your store. According to a FedEx survey, nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. And nearly 75% indicated that they had told others about a business simply based on its signage.

Quality signs matter and we’re here to make the decision easier.

Types Of Outdoor Business Signs

Depending on the needs of your business, you have a variety of options. A few of the more popular outdoor business signs include:

  • Plastic A-frame Signs – These lightweight and portable signs are double-sided and can come with a variety of features such as handles and wheels.
  • Sidewalk Signs – Durable signs that you can fill with sand or water to attract extra attention from people passing by.
  • Marquee signs – These are impervious to rot, termites and last longer than a stucco marquee sign.
  • Quick Change Graphics Signs – These are perfect from restaurants and other establishments that frequently feature new deals and products.
  • Wind Signs – Steel frame and springs allow this sturdy sign to flex in the heaviest winds to keep your sign from breaking.
  • Backlit Signs – Stand out all hours of the day (and night) with backlit signs.

How Outdoor Signs For Business Boost Revenue?

Outdoor signs can give you business a revenue boost or reduce your sales. Signs provide around-the-clock advertising for your business, both good and bad. In a recent FedEx survey, 60% of consumers said that the absence of signs keeps them from entering the businesses. And in that same study, 50% indicated that poor signage kept them from entering the store altogether.

But it’s not all bad news. Roughly 2 out of every 3 consumers end up buying a product because a sign caught their eye. A big part of this is because the majority of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflected the quality of their products or services.

Your signage says a lot about your business, both good and bad. Displaying high-quality signs can provide a significant boost to revenue.

Quality signs matter. Trust Next Level Signs with your signs to attract new customers, boost revenue, and improve your brand’s image.

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