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How to Attract Holiday Shoppers with Custom Made Signs

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Custom Made Signs

Many businesses rely on custom made signs for advertising and will really ramp up their marketing efforts around the holiday season. Holidays are great opportunities to promote your business because this is when consumers are ready to spend. What better way to promote your brand than with custom made signs?

Signs are key when it comes to promoting your goods and services but are especially important around the Holidays. There is so much competition out there that you need to advertise to get the word out about your business so potential customers know who you are and what you are selling. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with custom signs.

Custom Business Signs

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that custom business signs are the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising. “The benefit to advertising with custom sign is that are always on the job for you, are on the job for you advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” This being said, it is wise to invest in some good quality signs for your business year round, but especially important for your  seasonal sales and promotions. It may sound like a daunting task but dressing up your retail location for the holidays is easy, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

Listed below are 5 affordable sign solutions to drive traffic to your business during the holiday season :

1) Outdoor Signs – According to experts at Huffington Post, a store with at least two or three signs signs placed outside their business such as a sidewalk sign or banner will have more success than a business with no signage out front. A good portable outdoor sign is a great investment because they can be used over and over. Print up clever and eye-catching signs for your sales and promotions and set outside your business to stand out from the crowd, and attract the attention of passerby’s. (Quick tip: Try not to use dates and print on a weatherproof material. This way, you can store your signs and use them next year, or for multiple promotions.)

2) Vinyl Window Decals – Windows are great real estate for signage, and often overlooked. Custom window decals are great because they are easy to see, easy to install and inexpensive. Print up custom decals or use computer cut adhesive vinyl lettering to list your products and services at the top and bottom of the window so passer-by’s can see what you’re selling. You can use window clings or low-tac window signs for temporary events such as sales and specials, because they are easy to remove and don’t leave any residue. Visibility is everything, so use what you can to display your marketing material!

3) Floor Stands – Some well placed floor stands are effective in any business environment. Restaurants can use floor stands to promote seasonal dishes or promote something special. Place a floor stand in an office by the reception area to highlight your products and services, or if you’re in a retail environment place a floor stand by your sale items to direct shoppers to the good deals.

4) Poster Frames – A good quality 24 x 36 frame can be used to dress up a corporate lobby or hallway. retail stores can display posters to promote the latest trends. Restaurants can feature their dishes and use great photos of food to entice customers to order certain dishes.

5) custom signs– The next investment would be the most important – your printed custom signs. Branding your business is important, and the way to do this is with custom made signs. Make sure your message is simple and clear, and use your logo throughout your store signage to keep your brand image strong.  Printing signs is inexpensive and effective, so make sure your signs always look nice, and change out your printed signs regularly to keep your customers engaged. If you keep the same signage all of the time, it will become part of the scenery and get overlooked.

Custom Signs

As a retailer you need to be a step ahead of the game in your advertising efforts. Make sure your signs are up early so you have plenty of time to promote your new campaign. This gives consumers plenty of time to see your cool new ads and make plans to spend money with your business. If you wait until the last minute, it doesn’t leave much time for shoppers to see your signs then before you know it, your window has passed.

Bottom line, make sure to prepare BEFORE the holidays hit so you aren’t left scrambling. Get those custom made signs up a few weeks ahead so when the season hits, you have had a few weeks to promote your campaign and get your message out there and seen by all!



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