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Top 10 Ways to Grab the Attention of Your Customers with Sidewalk Signs

Increasing your store’s foot traffic isn’t a difficult task, if you get creative.

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Dump all the generic sidewalk signs (most people hardly give them a second look) and give your customers something that will catch their eye (Die-Cut Signs). Here are practical tips that creative stores have used, with remarkable success.

    Is your liquor store next to the movies, or close by? Then most people passing by are probably movie lovers. How about you get a board and write “Malt Whiskey” on it, in the format that Walt Disney is written. You may also add a drawing, and a tag line that says, “The happiest drink on earth.” This will definitely attract an audience.
    As much as Pizza is junk food, and may be considered unhealthy by most, we all know that it is way healthier that crystal meth. Putting a sign that states this outside your Pizza store is not only hilarious but will also ignite a feeling of positive in your potential customers.
    Playing around with commonly used phrases is also another good strategy. For instance, you can substitute the word ‘Matata’, in the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’, with ‘Margarita’. Who wouldn’t be attracted by that?
  4. HUMOR
    You can also choose to mince your words in a funny way. Take for example a phrase that goes, “Buy 1 Beer 4 the price of 2 and get an extra beer”. Those that love to drink will find this funny and welcoming. This should give you an edge over your competitors.
  5. SIZE
    The size of the font you use is crucial. No potential customer would want to strain when reading a sidewalk sign. A legible font is paramount. You can use this to your advantage, and outline some parts of the phrases you use, making them bigger so the text highlights a catchy phrase.
    Vodka can get people on their feet. Everybody loves to dance, even the ones passing by your store. Putting a sign that reads, “Trust me you can dance – Vodka” outside your liquor premise will definitely get the attention of customers that love to dance, or at least those who fancy a bit of humor.
    How do you get clients who watch their diet to regularly eat at your food store? It’s quite simple. A sidewalk sign written “Fat people are hard to kidnap, eat lots here.” That should do the trick.
    Talk directly to each potential customer through signs. For example, one catchy sign reads “we have 1,100 satisfied customers and one creepy guy who isn’t allowed back.” No one wants to be the creepy guy who’s not allowed back in. Each person who reads that sign just has to come in to prove that he/ she isn’t the one.
    “Education is important, but beer is importanter”. This phrase will not only catch the attention of anybody who has a funny bone but will also tickle the serious ones. Just by making them laugh, you would have created a connection with your customers.
    The sidewalk signs you put up can relate to actual experiences your clients go through, in a light-hearted manner. For example, a sign that reads, “I wish I had more Tacos than emotions.”

Try one of these out and see how your clients will love it.

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