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Custom Printed Business Signs

Custom printed business signs are investments that can keep on giving, but only if they last. Wind, rain, revelers, and more can quickly destroy attention-grabbing signs in less time than it takes to mount the things. Of course, the right material helps prevent such headaches. Be it aluminum or adhesive vinyl, there’s a wide selection available and many business owners are initially daunted by the sheer variety. Most materials, however, are used for specific purposes and conditions, such as outdoor promotions and indoor trade shows. Here’s a list of the most common materials available for business sign printing and what they’re best used for:
Styrene Plastic PostersStyrene Plastic
Light and durable, styrene plastic signs are weather and sun resistant and as well easy to hang. Just as importantly, its durability makes a great alternative to paper posters as long lasting weatherproof business signs. Ideal for the outdoors, styrene plastic signs also make popular office posters or decor due to the affordability and low maintenance that is native to this material.

Aluminum SignsAluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are also weatherproof and great for outdoor signage, but only if made right. Cheaper varieties of aluminum business signs often lack important facets like rust-proofing, tempering, or even proper enamel. Most often used for street markers and the like, it’s imperative business owners utilize top-tier material and manufacturing if choosing this option.

Corrugated Plastic SignsCorrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is quite affordable for your custom business signs and strong enough to stand up against moderate winds and other elements. Printing your custom signs on this material is optimal for any sign application due to the durability of the sign and low price point. Corrugated plastic material is generally good for outdoor promotions and real estate signs.

Gator Foam Signs PinnedFromPinterestWoodlandManufacturingGatorFoam

For those that enjoy a bit of 3D pizzazz for your business sign, Gatorfoam lettering is an excellent option that’s light as it is customizable. While GatorFoam is most often featured as lettering, boards also exist for those needing an affordable option for freestanding directories or starter business signs.

Adhesive VinylAdhesive Vinyl Window Graphics

Providing pristine detail without the glare typically associated with the material, adhesive vinyl is excellent for printing complex and multicolor images. Don’t forget this substance also requires a backing like aluminum or foamcore unless being used as storefront display.

Backlit SignageBacklit Signage

Backlit signage is a pricier option that usually requires expert installation and maintenance. Still, it’s well worth the investment for businesses operating at night or utilizing a low-lit environment. Clubs, restaurants, hotels, and trendier boutiques definitely benefit the most. Aside from installation, there’s also the question of weight: Fortified walls are the safest bet, though different materials can yield a lighter sign.

Foamcore GraphicFoamcore

A lightweight and resilient material that consists of foam, clay, or other core sandwiched by two sheets of paper, top tier foamcore also features UV treatment to ensure color fidelity. This makes foamcore  a great option for short term business sign printing. Direct digital prints directly to the material ensures the highest quality graphics,  this medium is often used as a short term affordable indoor solution for trade shows, retail outlets, and specialist stores like camera shops.

Vehicle MagnetsMagnets

Magnets are great or any metallic surface, particularly industrial-sized appliances, cars and other vehicles, as well those rare shops that feature burnished metal walls.  If considering a vehicular adornment just make sure the actual magnet  is cut for aerodynamic stability.
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