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3 Parts to an Effective Sidewalk Sign

Sidewalk signs are an important advertising tool but it takes a good sign to communicate your message to potential customers.

Next Level Signs Sidewalk Signs

If you intend to use this tactic to sell your business to the public, it is important that you learn the three parts to an effective sign:

Attention grabbing headline

The headline of your sign must be legible and immediately grab the attention of passersby. The use of color, lettering, graphics and aesthetics must be good enough for everyone who looks to linger and learn more of what the sign is about. A headline should be as precise as possible for everyone to get a clear picture as soon as they read it.


Now that you’ve grabbed attention create a message that communicates your desires. It is at this point that the potential clients learn more about the business and its offerings. If there is enough room, you can even inform them of a few benefits of choosing your business. Mixed media are a great tool to use at this point to avoid using too many words, which would quickly deter people from reading to the end. Pictures can help you inform people much faster than words. When thinking about the wording, remember that the average adult reads about 250 words per minute. The trick is to edit as much as possible to remove the fluff and leave the message intact. You should also try to avoid abbreviations, as it takes longer to read than non-abbreviated version.

Call to action

After making the audience understand what you are about, prompt them to buy your products or services. Call to action is important, as it is an encouragement to potential customers to purchase but be sure to provide all details on how to reach you. Experts believe that the call to action should create a sense of urgency in order to attract more impulse buyers. Don’t be shy to sing your own praises as this goes a long way in endearing customers to your business. Show off your awards, rave reviews or customer testimonials, as these will certainly bring more customers to your doors.

Effective signage is that which communicates the intended message to the target audience. If it comprises the three parts discussed, a sidewalk sign will do wonders for your business. It will bring more customers, increase revenue and indeed make you more competitive. As an entrepreneur, you should take a long look at your venture’s sidewalk signs and make necessary corrections to make it an effective advertising tool.

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