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3 Tips On How To Write Better Sidewalk Signs

If you give an everyday advertising agency sales representative a time of your day, most will tell you how effective sidewalk signs are.

If they are good, they will show you some statistics on its effectiveness. But in reality, you are just getting half of the picture. Well, you can’t argue with statistical facts, but those numbers are probably from decades ago. This article is not saying that sidewalk signs are not effective anymore. They still are, but you have to deal one important truth.

The “truth” this article is talking about is the phenomenon known as “advertising blindness.” Nowadays, humans are bombarded with so many sidewalk ads that we simply ignore them. They don’t register at all! But, there’s a solution! You simply need to be creative and make your sidewalk sign stand-out. Here are few tips:

Use Facts

Anyone can make up enticing stories. Everyone knows that. But if you start with a statement of a fact, then you will most likely grab someone’s attention as they know they you will be stating something that may be indisputable. Plus, everyone want’s to learn something new. In the sidewalk ad above, the fact may be partially true. However, the reader can easily forgive such as it’s funny. Nevertheless, it did its job. It got people’s attention.

Word Play

A good word play carries the elements of a good headline. It’s usually creative, its usually funny and it’s showing someone a new way of looking at something (in this case, a new way of looking at a word). Take the example above. It’s funny, and you’ll never read “Pilates” again without thinking about pie and lattes.

“Did You Know”

Statistics have shown that there are two headlines types of headlines in social media platforms that attracts a higher number of link clicks, and the “did you know” type is one of them. If you lead with a “did you know,” most people automatically pays attention as it may mean you know something that they don’t.

In the sidewalk sign above, it started with a “did you know” and it probably made you interested enough to read the rest of the message. Again, the sign may not be completely true but easily forgiven for its humor.

There are plenty of other tactics you can employ to increase the chances of getting your sidewalk signs being noticed. But, the examples mentioned above is a good way to start. Also, don’t forget o be creative and funny. In fact, if you can probably get away with anything as long it makes the reader laugh.

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