Trade Show Displays For Beginners – How To Stand Out From The Crowd


Trade Show Displays For Beginners

So you’re exhibiting at your first convention or public event. What do you need to attract people to your table? Exhibiting in a trade show or public event can be a major investment of time and money, but it doesn’t have to be, and in many cases, attending these events will pay off in the end.

What do you do to stand out in crowd, how do you set yourself apart from the other vendors? The first thing you will want to invest in is some signage to display your products and services and catch potential customer’s attention. So what type of signage do you need?

There are many types of trade show displays to choose from, from giant truss kits to pop up displays to retractable banners and so on, so many times it’s hard to decide which display is right for you. if you’ve got the budget and the staff, big truss kits are great but what if you are a smaller business owner headed over to your local hotel or convention center for a small networking event? What do you use then?

These are some tips for beginners, or anyone on a tight budget. here are the things you will need to set up shop in different environments such as job fairs, conventions, or local networking events.

Vinyl banner1. Print a large banner.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just enough to set behind you so people walking by can see your name in a glance.  Just a large simple banner with your name, your tag line, maybe some eye-catching graphics that tie into what you do. You can display these with a banner stand or attach it to the wall behind you, depending how your area is set up.

Table Throw Trade Show Display

2. Get a Table Throw. Design and print it so it works with your banner. Something simple is fine, just a logo at the front is fine, just so you look prepared and professional. Are you on a really tight budget?  Print your logo on an adhesive vinyl decal and pop it on a plain tablecloth.

Retractable Banner

3. Retractable Banner. Buy a retractable banner and set that out in front of your table. This is where you will add more specific information for your potential customers to read and review.  This is going to pull them in. Once they are stopped in front of your booth, engage in some conversation. Be friendly, and see if they have any questions.

So now you know, These few inexpensive items will do the trick no matter where you set up shop. The beauty is all of these items are cheap to make and easy to travel with.  The banners roll up, the retractable break down and store in their cases and the tablecloths fold up. The perfect set up for anyone who wants a quick, inexpensive signage solution for a trade show or networking event.

Brand your business without breaking the bank. Perfect for a small start up business or a large roll out where you need the most bang for your buck.

Looking for something else? maybe outdoor displays or other types of signage for your business?  Please visit our website or call our friendly sales team at 888.578.8100.  Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team can help you from picking out the right display, to design and print. We look forward to earning your business!

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