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Church Signs and Business Signs are the most important factor in bringing local attention to your establishment. unlike other businesses, churches often have a local following, usually close to a neighborhood or a community.  The best way to grab attention is with outdoor signs, sidewalk signs, marquee signs and banners. a popular way to announce services and times is with a sidewalk sign.  You can buy an outdoor sign frame, and print new inserts for each service and special event.

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A great way to display church signs and business signs is to put an outdoor sign by the street, where people driving by can see your times and services, and be directed to the building.  On the building, banners are a great inexpensive way to put up additional signage in regards to your special events and services.  Banners are large and can be seen from a distance, tying in the sidewalk signs that are posted around streets.

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So outdoor signs and banners are great for church signs and business signs on the outside, now what to use when your people are indoors, or what if you’ve got an event off campus?  Portable banner stands are a great choice to display information in a lobby, as well as on the road.  Portable Banner Stands are perfect for Church Signage because the banners pull out of the base for easy set up and retract back into the base for travel and storage.

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Need to direct people to a certain room or area?  Floor stands are great for indoor church signs and church signage.  Set a floor stand out by any special area so people know where to go once inside.  Floor stands are great to designate rooms and areas for registrations, meetings and special events.  Buy the sign frames to store and print corrugated plastic signs to switch out the message.  Easy and cost effective!

we would like to thank Harvest Christian Fellowship for their recent purchase of church signs! Harvest Christian Fellowship was founded in 2001 By Pastors Michael Salman & Toby Ramsey.  HCF began as a home fellowship gathering at Pastor Michael and his wife Suzanne’s Home.  They met in the living room every Sunday and at different homes every Friday.  The gatherings quickly outgrew the living room and the first place that was rented was at 35th Ave and Thomas at the Carlton Center.  It was not long before the Pastors were hosting 2 services.  One at the Thomas location and another in South Phoenix.  After some turn of events and lease negotiations down turn, Harvest began renting space at the First Arabic Baptist Church.  Due to odd times for service the church grew very slow.  In 2007 Pastor Michael lead the people to go back to its roots and again began meeting privately at his home.  After awhile Pastor Michael & Suzanne Salman built an addition to their home.  The addition was then used to host private home fellowship with family and friends.  In 2012 through God Intervention circumstances God opened the doors and blessed the HCF with the current property.  The current property was acquired in December of 2012 and since then God has continued to prosper it.  Harvest Christian Fellowship continues to hold interest of over 4 acres in the Heart of Phoenix for a future construction of a facility 4 times larger. Visit website here.

Let our staff at Next Level Custom Signs help you with your church signs and business signs today! we can help you with outdoor signs, vinyl banners, portable banners, and indoor signage.  Please visit our website at or call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team at 888.578.8100 today to order your custom church signs.