Top 4 Signs to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Top 4 Signs to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show


A trade show may be the most critical event your business will participate in all year.  It’s a unique opportunity to present your brand and your product to a captive audience of potentially large customers, obtain new distribution channels, establish key business partnerships, and much more.  It’s also a great way to see what your competitors and other industry leaders are doing, as well as build your professional networks.  It’s important to make a great impression and maximize your impact while you’re there.

The challenge with a trade show is that you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  You need to ensure that you are showcasing your brand and your product in a professional but impactful way.  The most effective way to do this is with some quality signage for your trade stand.

In this article we bring you some of the latest signage options to help make your next trade stand display your best yet.

Define your space with floor stands


At most trade shows you will only have a limited space to work with.  You will be squeezed in between other exhibitors, all looking to create as much impact as possible.  Floor stands are a really effective way to create the boundaries of your exhibition area.


A great starting point is the Mightee Mount Floor Sign Base or the Double L Floor Sign Base.  This style of floor stand is easy to transport, easy to construct and destruct and can display either single-sided or double-sided materials. This style of floor stand works best when you avoid material that is too detailed – go for large images or simple color schemes that help to project your brand and define your trade display area.

Create interaction through literature displays

Literature display

While you may have some pre-booked appointments to focus on during your trade show, most of your attention is going to be on engaging with people that walk past your trade stand.  There are lots of different techniques for creating that opening conversation – whatever your approach, a literature display (or literature stand) can be an effective tool.  Literature displays come in all shapes and sizes, but the mobile stands (which come with wheels attached) generally give you the most flexibility and are easiest to use.  Literature stands are good engagement tools because you can either wait until a prospect is browsing the material displayed and then make your approach; or you can make contact while they are walking by and then walk them over to the literature stand to discuss the material and get them interacting with you.


Be bold with banner stands

Banner Stand


Banner stands are one of the most commonly used visual marketing tools.  They are similar to floor stands but are generally much lighter, more portable, and less sturdy than a floor stand.  At a trade show I like to use one or two banner stands to help create some visual depth to the trade display and also to feature something that is a bit eye catching. Banner
stands such as the Economy X Portable Banner Stand or the Economy Retractable Banner Stand are great to have near the front of your trade display, make an impact featuring a bold image or an offer that will attract the attention of prospects passing by.

Use every surface

Tabletop Banner Stand

You will generally only have a small space to work with at a trade show, so you need to make every inch of that space work as effectively for you as possible.  Ideally you will have some sort of desk or table where you can sit down with high value prospects, discuss things in more detail, and gain data from them.  This is where table top displays and table top signs are very effective.  Small signs at eye level that you can point to and refer to during your conversations to help reinforce the points you are making and talk through the products that you are selling.

It could be as simple as the Mini Signicade Deluxe or something a bit more elaborate like the Table Top Retractable Banner.  The more compact and flexible you can make your table top display the more that you will be able to use it in a variety of situations.


Start planning now for your next trade show now.  Invest in the most effective trade display signage to ensure that your brand and your product are given the best opportunity possible to shine and connect with your target market.