Signs You’ll See When You Go Back to School


Chaparrel Pole Banners

The first day back at school is a complex roller-coaster of emotions. There are uniforms to be ironed, lunch-boxes to be packed, hair to be styled, and tears to be shed. There is also new timetables to be negotiated and probably new car parking arrangements as well. It is not easy being a parent. One of the things that I always notice is the huge array of signage that seems to bombard you when are starting back at school – signs to tell you where to go, signs to tell you what not to do, signs to tell you a whole lot of essential information, but also quite a lot of signs that don’t seem to make any sense at all. Here at Next Level we like to consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable on all things relating to signs, so in this article we’ve put together a couple of different options that will help schools improve the signage experience.

Chaparrel Sidewalk Sign


Dropping off and collecting children from school is one of the day-to-day challenges that parents have to grapple with. Always short on space, schools are generally fairly regimented in their parking arrangements – clear signage telling everyone how it works is essential. Parking lot signs need to be clearly printed, easy to read, and durable. We always recommend aluminium signs for parking lots because outdoor signs need to be really durable in order to withstand the elements. Another option for your parking zones are Pole Signs – these are perfect for clear, easy to read messages, avoiding confusion for already hassled parents.


Snake River High School Cafeteria

The cafeteria

The first day of school generally means a new menu in the cafeteria – trying to promote healthy, appealing food at reasonable prices. Updating the cafeteria’s menu board is an step in getting ready for a new term and we have a range of menu board options in custom printed boards, illuminated signs or poster frame styles.

Chaparrel Banners

Sports Days

Sports days or other school events are a lot of fun – being there to cheer your kids on and support the school. Whether you need something to encourage the team on the football field or something to advertise your snack bar, our School Spirit package can be tailored to your budget and be custom printed with your key messages. If you have a lot of your core signage already in place but are just looking to add a few updated or refreshed pieces, then flag banners or feather flags are a really effective and highly visual way of giving your event some wow factor. Our Monsoon Banner is also really effective when you are working with large spaces – not only great signage but it can help define playing areas or spectator spaces.


Special Events

There is always something going on within a school – whether it is auditions for the play, try-outs for the team, or a meeting of the chess club, our Quick Load Portable signs are a really handy option to have in your supplies cupboard. Easy to update, light and portable, if you need to get a message out there and let people know something quickly, then this is the sign for you. With recent developments in printing and sign production, the good news is that getting some custom made signs created for your school is surprisingly affordable, so if you have a big event coming up or if you are wanting to refresh your signage inventory then anything is possible.

Take the confusion out of your first day back at school. Ensure that your signs are updated, durable, clear and easy to read.