Billboard Advertising

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Billboard Advertising

Billboard can be referred to as a colossal structure used for advertising. Billboards are usually found in areas with high traffic such as busy road sides. These advertising boards work towards presenting huge advertisements to people on the roads such as pedestrians and drivers. These display huge, funny slogans and unique visuals. The basic advantage of a billboard is that it is highly visible at prime areas such as reputed market places.

Bulletins are considered to be the largest and most powerful standard size billboards. These are displayed on prime arterials, highways and express ways. They are very useful when it comes to high density consumer exposure. These provide the best visibility due to their large size. They also provide the facility of creative customizing via extensions and decorative boards.

Another common and most popular form of billboard advertising in poster. These are usually located on industrial and commercial areas and also on arterial and primary roads.

Billboard advertisements are designed in a fashion to attract an individual’s attention. These are also successful in creating a lasting impression on an individual in a short period of time. The reader keeps on thinking about the advertisement they have just read. Billboard advertisements should be displayed in such a manner that they are readable in a short amount of time. Here it is very important that there are only a few words on the bulletin and that too in a large print with a funny and attractive image in beautiful color.

Some of the billboard designs spill outside the actual space provided to them by the billboard with certain portion of figures hanging off the billboard edges or jutting out of the billboard in three dimensions.

Billboard advertising are very effective and cost effective especially for business owners who want to advertise the products and services in an effective way. The actual cost of billboard advertising ranges from about seven hundred dollars to two thousand five hundred dollars per month. Now, at this rate, about ten billboards can easily run as much as twenty five thousand dollars each month. This is hell lot of money. However, you should realize that a full-page advertisement running for a single day in a famous newspaper also costs the same.

The latest technology works towards the cost efficiency of billboard advertising.

In earlier days, one required to hand-paint billboards. It was a time consuming and expensive affair. However, the modern technology has facilitated billboard designs on a computer screen. It can be printed on vinyl or poster paper and then glued to the structure of billboard.

Higher quality advertisements will cost a lot of money. Prior to going for the billboard advertising, you need to take few points into consideration:

  • The amount of information in billboard ad is restricted.
  • Billboard should be made in a way that customers get attracted.
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