Point of Purchase

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Point of Purchase Signs

Point of purchase graphics is a growing market of the modern day. Point of purchase is an easy service that can be added to your mix. The term Point of purchase refers to the graphics used for promotional purposes and focuses mainly on influencing consumer behavior when purchasing an item. This value added service is an integral part of the overall value of a product placed inside the store. People usually think of Point of purchase when purchasing a particular product.

Point of purchase is becoming one of the most significant parts of advertising and product promotion campaigns. This is due to its’ high efficiency in targeting the customer in the environment of purchasing. The credit of the popularity of the Point of purchase in the field of advertising also goes to the decline of viewer ship of network television, readership of newspaper and the ad-budgets with recession size.

According to a recent report issued by an analyst firm it is clear that signage of wide format Point of purchase is calculated to about a market worth 7.6 billion dollars. According to a prediction made by the Point of purchase advertising institute, the in-store advertising is about fifty three to sixty percent of overall consumer purchases. The Point of purchase buyers report issued by Point of purchase magazine in 2002 says that yearly expenditure of Point of purchase is calculated for about more than seventeen billion dollars. It can also be about 7.1 percent of the overall two hundred and forty billion dollars that’s spent on advertisements in the United States. They have also come to a conclusion that Point of purchase advertising will grow up to twenty percent over the next five years.

Point of purchase can also be defined as an industry that requires the attention of the consumer for several reasons including the following:

  • Tight and perfect models with prototypes are important in order to get sanction for big Point of purchase projects as well as programs.
  • Some short and custom print runs for testing of market can follow complete production.
  • Retailers working on regional, national and local basis desire to customize Point of purchase that would provide them niche against their consumers.
  • The PSA signage matches perfectly with many applications such as window, vehicle decals, wall, floor and shelf.
  • It is an important part of marketing and often looked as something that’s offered for a campaign that promotes different products.
  • Point of purchase requires to increase and then come down speedily without any difficulty.

Most large format graphics producers make it a point to provide valuable contributions to brand marketers, retailers that are traffic conscious and Point of purchase display fabricators via creating prototypes that can get proper attention and motivate customers to purchase.

Most organizations that purchase Point of purchase display graphics and in-store advertisements are usually retailers like footwear companies, video stores, grocery stores, apparel merchants, music stores, sports and hobby stores, convenience stores, beer/wine/liquor establishments, tobacco dealers and automotive dealers.


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