Digital Print Signs – Advantages Over Offset Printing

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Digital Print Signs are customized to your needs!  Just as the printing press revolutionized society and ushered in the Renaissance, digital prints have revolutionized the sign industry. The explosion in digital printing technology, propelled by an accompanying spurt in technical advancements, means more selection and possibilities for you.  Digital printing reproduces any of your chosen digital images, which allows you to create your own graphics from any number of programs available for your computer.  Because printing plates are no longer required, digital printing is ideal for limited run prints or even one-offs.  In fact, considering set-up costs, digital printing offers a dramatically lower per unit cost for smaller print runs than more conventional

Although digital printing requires minimal initial setup and is far more cost effective for a small business’s needs, typical use of a large format digital printer is often used to print enormous high definition signs.  Digital printing requires no films or proofs, and there is no need to make plates or manually assemble pieces; it eliminates many of the mechanical steps that tend to inhibit consumers from ordering large scale signage.  Because you are not creating proofs, the finished product is as close as your computer screen.  It is also much easier to create uniformity of prints.  By not using presses, you eliminate the moving parts that so often create difference in the quality and design of the prints.  The process of digital printing eliminates the need to balance ink and water as you would with a traditional offset printing technique, allowing you to streamline your printing process – meaning less waste, more accurate estimates and minimal deviation from your original intent.

Indeed, there are numerous advantages to Digital Print Signs.  With digital technology, the turnaround time is greatly reduced.  You have more influence and input to the design of your advertisement sign.  The cost is less and the control you have is far greater than if you chose more conventional printing methods.  Digital print signs offer more accurate proofs, so you know exactly what you are getting.  Whereas color proofing for offset printing can cost a pretty penny, with digital printing, what you see is what you get. Your output is more easily accessible and you have more governing oversight. There is no question that digital printing is the most affordable method for customizing your advertising collateral.  The biggest plus to Digital Sign Printing is the impact of having a large, beautifully detailed photograph with your branding.

If you crave dramatic visual results when creating your advertisement campaign and materials, Digital Print Signs are certainly an inspired option for you!

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